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Professional Grade Flooring and Tools

We Provide Tools for Homeowners & Professionals

FORPAC® LLC manufactures a broad range of tools with contractors in mind. We know you have expectations from your equipment, and we are thrilled to meet and exceed them. We specialize in products for flooring professionals, including trowels, knee pads, dust shrouds, mixing paddles, tile spacer clips, and wedges. And as a company committed to quality and selection, we can proudly say we have added the new ENDUROMAX® luxury vinyl tile collection to our offerings. We also offer effective soundproofing and waterproofing membranes as part of our extensive collection of flooring equipment and tools. For flooring equipment in Florida, place your trust in our team of dedicated professionals.

Tile Cutters
Setting Materials
Carpet Tack Strip
Sound Control Underlayments
Crack Isolation Underlayments
10" turbo mesh blade

We Create Our Products With Professionals in Mind

Our customers rely on our equipment to complete their projects, so we take our role seriously. We develop each new product with results in mind – both for us and you. The experienced craftsmen who use our products can attest to their timeless quality and ruggedness – they are more than up to the task flooring professionals ask of them. We pride ourselves on crafting durable and effective products and creating equipment that is easy to use. Because we emphasize innovation, quality, and customer service, you know you can trust our team to supply you with everything you need.

Tile Like a Pro™

knee pad

ENDOROMAX® Luxury Flooring

While we take immense pride in our products and our dedication to customer service, we are especially enthusiastic about our ENDUROMAX® luxury flooring collections. We want to provide a comprehensive experience for our customers. Those who work with flooring daily understand the importance of quality, and we are equally dedicated to that principle. We offer strong and attractive options designed to last the long haul. Most importantly, you can count on it to recapture the appearance and luster of natural wood. No matter what you need us for, you can count on the same level of quality as you can from ENDUROMAX®.